Signature Lacrosse

Signature Lacrosse
Signature Complete Universal Men's Lacrosse Stick
Featuring The First Lifetime Warranty In Lacrosse NEW Durable, Light-Weight and Pro Strung Weave Mesh Pocket With Patented Delta Technology Optimized for Consistent Performance Aerospace Grade 7001 Series Aluminum Best Strength-to-Weight Ratio and Maximum Grip in a Metal Shaft Engineered For The Players. By The Players. (™) Tested by NLL Professional and College Lacrosse National Champions *Includes One (1) The Player Premium Shaft, High Butt End, Low Butt End, One (1) Pro Strung The Contract Head 
Signature Contract Universal Lacrosse Head & Magik Mesh Kit v2
THE CONTRACT HEAD All Purpose Head - Tested and approved by NLL & D1 College Players across the country!Using our Patented DELT△ TECH™, We made the Most Durable Head in its Weight Class 4.8 ounces with a 12 month warranty. The Perfect Balance of Speed and Durability. #SignMeUp *Includes 1 Contract Head, 3 Self Tapping Screw, 1 Key Chain, and 1 Ball Stop. MAGIK MESH KIT TIGHT WEAVE TECH™, an advanced manufacturing process that weaves more fibers per square millimeter allowing for a tighter profile and better feel without sacrificing strength. LONGER LASTING STRONGER BETTER *Includes 1 piece of MAGIK MESH, 2 white shooting strings, and 5 pieces of white crosslace.